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Yes, we do pickup yard waste. Please call our office to schedule a pickup. This service is offered to our customers on a prepaid basis. All yard waste is to be securely bagged. Limbs must be bundled & cannot exceed 35lbs. A.C.E. Environmental, Inc. will not be held responsible for any busted bags or the mess left from a busted bag, please do not overload your yard waste bags.
A.C.E. Environmental, Inc. offers services to most of the upstate. Please contact us to make sure we offer service in your area.
We recommend placing your cart out the night before, but request that your cart be at the curb no later than 6:30 am to ensure service. It is your responsibility to have your cart readily available for pick up. Failure to do so will result in a miss of your service for that week.
We deliver a clean & odor free cart, and it is your responsibility to maintain cart cleanliness. If you find yourself no longer requiring our services we ask that you please return your cart in the same condition that you received it in.
Yes we do pickup furniture, appliances, and larger items; however, you must call our office to request a separate pickup. And yes, there is a minimum pickup charge of $50.00.
We do offer recycling. Contact our office for more information.
Our trash carts are 96-gallons & we base our prices on your waste fitting into that size cart. We ask that you do not overload your cart (250 pounds maximum) because overloading a cart can permanently damage it. We will pickup no more than an additional bag of trash outside the container with the exception of holidays. If you have additional trash on a regular basis please call our office & setup arrangements to receive additional carts.
Please call our office to schedule a new cart drop-off. There will be no charge if your cart breaks from normal wear. If a cart is damaged due to overloading or negligence you will be responsible for the cost of the replacement cart(s).
We do not accept construction debris, paint, oil, batteries, pressurized tanks, propane tanks, tires, or hazardous materials for residential pickup. If any of these items are found in your cart our drivers are instructed to not empty the cart.

Residential accounts are billed on an advanced quarterly basis (every 3 months) and are due within 15 days from the invoice date. A late fee of $5.00 will apply to all accounts past 15 days. If payment is not received within 30 days of due date your service will be suspended. For habitual late payments ACE Environmental reserves the right to cancel service.

A.C.E. Environmental accepts checks, money order, credit cards, & debit cards.

We observe the following holidays and therefore our offices/services will be closed: New Years Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, & Christmas Day. If your pickup day occurs on a holiday or any days following a holiday then your service will resume one day later. If a holiday occurs on a weekend then services will not be interrupted.